Eastern Washington

Just a quick trip looking for birds to photograph, and casing the area to find a place to camp in the days ahead.  The birds were scarce, except for a couple of red tailed hawks that kept circling the area and screeching.  There must have been a hawk’s nest in the area, as hawks on the prowl don’t generally screech like that.  I think they were trying to scare us off.  I am sure it scared most of the birds I was looking for.

Even the squirrel was hanging out pretty close to his hole beneath a tree.    The weather changed and it got chilly pretty quick.   Great scenery and habitat for a wide variety of birds.   A good, fun day.


tieton2 tieton3 tieton4 tieton5 tieton6 tieton7 tieton8 tieton9 tieton10 tieton11 tieton12 tieton13 tieton14 tieton15 tieton16 tieton17 tieton18 tieton19

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