Barn Swallow

On my way to the doctor’s office this morning and stopped off at the park for a quick look at birds.  This little Barn Swallow obliged me my posing for a few minutes.  No big deal, just the first pictures I have taken of a Barn Swallow.  I never see them unless they are going 90 Miles an hour.  They are actually a pretty cute bird.,

swallow1 swallow2 swallow3 swallow4 swallow5 swallow6 swallow7 swallow8

2 thoughts on “Barn Swallow

  1. Hi Booboo!
    I love reading your bird blog! I have to say this bird is especially cute!!
    I hope you’re doing well!

    1. Hi Hayley,
      Doing just fine, just waiting on cooler weather. Had a fun trip taking pictures of an osprey yesterday. He looked like he needed some shade, but pretty hard to find on top of a pole. hahah
      I hope you are enjoying the summer.
      Boo Boo

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