Lord Love A Duck

I reckon there are a few folks that check this site from time to time looking for tales of the old ghost town, Climax, Colorado.  I have a few to tell, and will get to it when I get to it.

It is spring now, and I found a new hobby it seems.  I can’t seem to pass up an opportunity to take a picture of a baby bird or a bird I haven’t photographed before.

It is 82 degrees in Yakima now and it is expected to be 24 degrees in Climax and snowing this evening.  I suspect that is a good part of the reason I live in Eastern Washington now and not on top of the Rocky Mountains

That and some fool moved the town of Climax 13 miles downhill to Leadville, lock stock and barrel.   Never did care much for that, Climax was a cool town, Leadville, not so very much.  Leadville still had cat houses into the 1960’s, and I don’t mean the kind that chase birds.  I am not suggesting that was the main thing that made Leadville not so very cool, but you get the drift.   Climax, on the other hand, had the Rec Hall and the Slop Chute.  If you lived there, you know how cool those were.

When you start crowding the end of the mortality tables, snow is not so very much fun as it was when you were in your teen’s.   When it gets cold here in Washington, I will be back on track with my stories about Climax, but for now I guess you’ll just have to buck up a bit and suffer through my amateur photo sessions and hope for winter. hahaha

I always try to put a plug in for Costco, they were thoughtful enough to put a nice duck pond on one end of their property.

A couple of little jewels on Costco Pond.

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2 thoughts on “Lord Love A Duck

  1. Very cool website and pictures! I look forward to more pictures and tales from Climax Colorado. Soooooo …… I assume Climax was tongue-in-cheek naming because of the cat houses?

    1. Hi Gracie,
      I am just now putting up some pictures of a red tailed hawk that I have been following for a couple of months. Pictures aren’t great, but still fun to take.

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