What happened to the duck pond??

Duck photo op at Costco Pond went awry:

It was a tough afternoon for bird watching for sure.  We left the house and got about a block when the serpentine belt broke – around the block and back home.  Re-grouped, fired up the old pickup truck and headed for Costco pond, always a nice duck shoot.

When I arrived, I got about half way out of my pickup when I realized I had forgotten my camera, that is a first, usually I have the camera but the battery is home on the charger.  Back home, grabbed the camera and headed back to the pond.

There were ducks for sure, but it looked like an invasion of rabbits and squirrels.  I think they are Brush Rabbits, but their ears were pretty long, kind of like a Jack Rabbit.  I think the squirrels were the California Ground Squirrel variety, however I am not sure on either count.  Seems  kind of odd considering the location.  I took a few pictures of them and headed back home.  Pulled up in the driveway and 2 ducks were grazing under the sprinkler in the front yard.  Must have been the heat today.

All of these pictures were taken at Costco Pond, with the exception of the first one, that was taken just as I drove up.

Have a great bird day, Gary

P.S.  Is it my imagination or does it look like that first rabbit has eyes in the back of his head.  That is spooky.

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