Costco Pond – Cedar Waxwings

Probably not a big deal for a regular birder, but I have always had a hard time with these waxwings.  Costco Pond never ceases to amaze me with the variety of birds and other animals that hang out there.  That is,  in a large part due to the undisturbed swampy forest next door.  Only a few acres, but it gives birds, squirrels and rabbits a place to hide when it gets too crowded.  Frequently you will see a red tailed hawk hanging out on the lamp post adjacent to the pond, probably looking for the same thing I am, only they don’t need a camera.  

The first one is not a Cedar Waxwing but it was too cute to pass up;  a baby robin, watching me and thinking about flying, and wondering if he is old enough yet. hahaha

cedarww cedarww1 cedarww2 cedarww3 cedarww4 cedarww5 cedarww6 cedarww7 cedarww8 cedarww9 cedarww10 cedarww11 cedarww12 cedarww13

I have been watching the new building go up at the corner of Ahtanum Road and Longfibre Road for the past several months.  It is down right close to my favorite bird watching pond here in Yakima.  I have been hoping it would be a nice quiet business.

I drove by the building a couple of days ago and noticed the signage.  Seems the Department of Ecology put up the building.    Oh well, I am sure they filed an environmental impact statement.   Oh yeah, and they can approve it at the same time.  hahahaha  Seems reasonable. 


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