Osprey’s near the Yakima River

I went back to check on the young osprey I photographed a couple of weeks ago to see how he was doing.  Turns out it has a sibling.  I had a hard time trying to figure out just what was going on at first.  He should have been a pretty large bird by now.,

It looked like maybe the older was was hoisting the young to the top of the nest to dump him out or something.  I think what really happened was the adult bird dropped off some chow for the little ones and some how the young one got a lift from the older one.  Not sure if that is normal or not, but I did read that when Osprey’s have their young, they spread it out over time.  A new one can hatch before the old one has left the nest.

These pictures are not in any particular order, but taken over a period of about 30 minutes.

Have a happy bird day.


osprey25 osprey12 osprey12a osprey13 osprey14 osprey15 osprey16 osprey17 osprey18 osprey19 osprey20 osprey21 osprey22 osprey23 osprey24

One thought on “Osprey’s near the Yakima River

  1. Hi Gary, I just wanted to let you know that your June 6 photo shows an adult osprey, probably brooding a young chick, and in your June 26 photo, you can now see the nestling is mostly feathered and sitting with one of the adults, probably the female. Nice photos, glad to see the postings.

    P.S. I am a wildlife biologist for the State, with a background in raptor work.

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